About Us

JTA was incorporated in 2000, and together with our Jacquard Group companies in Argentina and India, we are now supplying an ever-growing worldwide market with quality fabrics.

Our Products

Jacquard Textile offers a broad range of products and solutions to mattress manufacturers around the world, and as a service minded business-to-business supplier, our global network is constantly creating new designs and finding new innovative materials to work with. 


With our advanced in-house finishing process, we have the ability to add a wide variety of functions to our textiles adding value to your mattress. We focus all our functions on how to benefit your customer's sleep and comfort categorising them to help you find the right function at the right price to suit your mattress.

Start to Design Your Mattress with Us

Our global design team is constantly creating innovative designs to support our customers in the digital age. Our flat and 3D mattress simulations help customers reduce their development time to showcase our designs which we are constantly adjusting to not only reflect, but to anticipate future in the market.